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28 February 2007 @ 05:12 pm
Drabble Contest Entry!!!!  
Ahahahaha I decided to not be worthless and actually enter the contest 8D Ok, so I went over the word count so I'm guessing that means I'm disqualified but ahhh I couldn't help it, I got all into it last minute and couldn't stop D:

Rating:Kid friendly~~~ aka rated G
Word Count:315...oops
Title/Theme:Clothes Shopping...I liked so many of the themes I WANT TO WRITE ALL OF THEM THEY'RE ALL SO FUN.

“Do you want to go in here?” Cunningham’s question fell on deaf ears as Takeshi was far too preoccupied taking pictures of anything and everything that interested him. If anyone was to blame for the Team Satomi Forward’s new obsession it would have be his boyfriend, Cunningham, who’d gotten it for him in the first place.

Cunningham had figured it was just a harmless birthday present, but oh how wrong he had been. They couldn’t even go on a date with out Takeshi bringing that stupid camera of his and completely ignoring Cunningham in favor of taking pictures of every piece of furniture in the restaurant.

Today they were at the mall, clothes shopping. Cunningham had chosen to go to somewhere as crowded as the mall with the hopes that Takeshi would put his camera away so the flash wouldn’t attract mobs of crazed fans. But instead Takeshi found out how to turn off the flash button and Cunningham found out that he hated technology.

To Cunningham’s surprise Takeshi had heard him, or just wanted to go in the store, and grabbed Cunningham by the arm and pulled him into the brightly lit store.

“Hey, you should totally try this on man!”

Cunningham looked over in complete horror at the bright pink shirt Takeshi was cheerfully holding out for him. “Y-Yeah…”

When Cunningham re-emerged from the dressing room, Takeshi was nowhere insight. At least from what he saw, on account of Cunningham being blinded by the bright flash of Takeshi’s camera. Through the hazy spots floating in front of his eyes Cunningham managed to see Takeshi making a run for it, holding his camera to his chest like he had some kind of valuable treasure, and laughing so hard that he was catching the attention of the entire mall.

At that moment, Cunningham didn’t know what he hated more, clothes shopping or cameras.

Random: About the camera...uh yeah, I don't know but I can totally picture Takeshi being in love with one and taking pictures of stupid things when he should be making out with Cunningham. :D

And if anyone's wondering about those comics my friend and I made a long time ago...our history teacher is EVIL and moved us so now we can't think of anything, AND now I'm right in front ...great, so sorry D: (I want more CxT in history darn it!!!)
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the synchronicity highway: takeshi cunningham ; the world is splitvelshtein on February 28th, 2007 11:47 pm (UTC)
OMG SO CUTE! Poor ignored Cunningham. XDDD

Chained Fire: IGPX//Cunningham - Smiling at Mechained_fire on March 1st, 2007 02:36 am (UTC)
Wah, poor Cunningham! The camera is getting more love then he is. Maybe he can get Takeshi a video camera next time so that you know, Takeshi can tape them doing various vigorous activities. XD

Great job! This was really fun to read.