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28 February 2007 @ 09:40 am
Due to some real life things the [writing contest] deadline has been extended to March 7th.

So get to it! :D
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17 February 2007 @ 10:51 pm
Hey everyone! I was cruisin' the web when I found this pic of Hannibal Rising's Gaspard Ulliel! When I saw it, I noticed how much he looked like Cunningham! Check it out!


luv luv luv~~
(of course, I may just be hallucinating ^^;; *shrug*)
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11 February 2007 @ 05:25 pm
Here's a season one picspam post because I'm totally going nuts waiting for the season two boxset. Mm. Lots of nonsense!

Takeshi needs to be more careful around dramatic European men.Collapse )
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11 February 2007 @ 04:46 pm
Contest! Another writing one! But not only drabbles this time!

Spring is sort of coming closer so we'll celebrate that. Or the end of winter. Whatever. Here are the themes:

[flowers, melting, ice cream, rain, blue skies, the problem with nosy teammates, fruits, candy, why boys are idiots, popsicles, the trouble with money, the evil women in my life, clothes shopping, nail polish, video games, magazines, being young and stupid, sunsets in the park, stalkers and their needs, evil coaches]

You may pick a theme and write something under 250 words. Like a drabble, a poem, some haikus, a set of sentences, or a script for a scene. And pretty much anything else having to do with the written word. So no one has an excuse for not being able to write well because anyone can throw together a haiku. Or eight!

If you're doing a script, like this:


The name of whoever is speaking does not count towards the 250 word count. Ok?

Post your entries to the community as separate posts and label it as a contest entry. You may enter as many entries as you want. And you don't need to lump all your entries in one post.

Your deadline is March 1st. So you have plenty of time. :)
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Hey for like the 50th time, so for the contest we had an enourmous turn out this time, WITH ONE ENTRY YAAAAAY. But enough of me being all negative, our own fabulously insane amazing velshtein came up with something adorable enough to make up for that and gets her username in the community info as the winner AND an icon from...HERSELF...lol :P

But seriously, for Valentine's day (the most romantic day of the year!!) Can we all at least write something even if it's just a sentence? Because that day is too romantic to pass up AND everybody celebrates it!

Now go read her adorable winning drabble~

Winning EntryCollapse )
18 December 2006 @ 01:23 am
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We, the CunninghamxTakeshi community are having a drabble contest yaaaaay drabble contest! Because of the holidays, we’re going to be going with Christmas themes! (PLEASE. IGNORE MY CRAPPY LAST MINUTE BANNER. THANKS.)

Themes to Chose From: Mistletoe, Gingerbread, Christmas Music, Presents, and Santa Claus.
Word Limit Maximum amount of words is 250.
Ratings:All accepted.
Deadline:December 23, 2006.
Prize(s): One icon by velshtein(yaaaaay) and a place in the community userinfo showing that you won!

Post drabbles to this entry in comments, ALL COMMENTS ARE SCREENED. And if you think you can’t write, THEN YOU’RE WRONG. Every person who’s gone to school through 3rd grade should know how to write! So don’t be discouraged!!!!
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16 December 2006 @ 09:27 pm
Hiiiiii again! Yeah so I kept wanting to make an amv with Cunningham and Takeshi to this song (What I've been Looking For Reprise-High School Musical) and I finally figured out how to rip cds which is way easier than it should be and so I made a video for them yesterday.

You all have to listen to that song by itself too and TRY TO NOT TELL ME IT'S NOT A CUNNINGHAM AND TAKESHI SONG. JUST TRY. It's sooo written for them :P

Anyway it's here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNl4WaDz9mE

And about the contest...um, I'm the most unorganized person I know so as things stand I have no clue how or even if we're going to do it. So if anyone has any clue how we can pull that off then go ahead and tell me. Sorry for being so lazy!!! D:!!!!
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I know, I know. The series is long over and discussions and reviews have been done on all the episodes, but I think that it'll be fun to do them again. We can discuss specific episodes where Cunningham was being particularly touchy-feely and squeal over them.

Plus, it'll help keep the community active and we can point out all the lovely moments where Cunningham copped a feel at Takeshi. And we may notice something that we didn't before. Which is what happened to me when I was re-watching the first episode.

Episode 01! So how long has Cunningham actually been stalking Takeshi?Collapse )
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08 December 2006 @ 02:56 pm
I finally finished my 1sentence claim. Mwuhaha. I'll have to fix up some of these sentences, later, but for now I'm alright with it.

: Immortal Grand Prix
Pairing: Takeshi x Cunningham
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: G -> PG-13

Motion had always been the center of his life and it surprised him when he finally met someone who had the ability to make everything stand still.Collapse )
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05 December 2006 @ 09:50 pm
Ok, since it seems like EVERYONE (well pretty much everyone) agrees that we should have a contest, I was thinking maybe we could have a drabble/one-shot contest as the first one?

With super cool christmas themes???? Like uber cliched ones like 'Mistletoe', 'Gingerbread cookies' and cutesy things like that which make everybody all happy smiles and stuff??

Anyway, that's all I have for that idea, so opinions?? As for prizes, um, my icon skills suck and usually prizes are icons and/or a banner or even another drabble/one-shot, so if anyone has any suggestions about that then that would be awesome.

So basically, I really think we should have a contest, because CUNNINGHAM AND TAKESHI DESERVE IT. And I read this over and since I sound like I'm trying to narrow it down to writing because that's what I'm comfortable with or something, then say which you would prefer the contest be about icons or drabbles or something you come up with in a comment, ok??
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